Friday, January 5, 2007

The bank that likes to say gimme more

Aargh! I`ve been stiffed by my bank again.Yesterday I took myself off to our beautiful city (Chester) with the intention of buying a set of headphones. I got as far as the cash machine.

Upon investigation I discovered that because I had gone into the red by the Huge sum of £6.00

my bank had

a. charged me £30.00 for going into the red.

b. charged me ANOTHER £30.00 because their charge had increased my debt (& it was the end of the month).


Here I must point out that money went into the account a day later but now being £60 quid in the red , all that did was clear the charges.

So home I came swearing under my breath at every step ,and I am at the moment headphone-less. So no podcasts yet.

However I will try to post a couple of drawings on this blog , I drew them about 10 yrs ago and they have been gathering dust since then. I tried to post them yesterday but either there is something wrong with my set-up or I was doing it wrong , Hopefuly I`ll have more luck today.

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