Thursday, March 1, 2007

March 1st , St Davids day

Well its been ages since I posted anything so I thought I`d better make an entry just to show willing. I haven`t done much recently because I`ve had my nose stuck in various new books that I`ve purchased. (Mostly ghost books or stuff about UFO`s).
I visit the local library a lot as well so you could call me a bookworm and I wouldn`t be offended.
Today is the first of March and is apparently St Davids day - 1 month until I reach the ripe old age of 45 (shock! - horror!), still it could be worse ,at least I wasn`t born on april fools day (but close..)
The weather today is clear, if a little chilly and windy.
I joined up with the itunes store last week and splashed out on some music. I can thoroughly recommend the album `Aerial` by Kate Bush, its the first album she`s made in a number of years but she`s still got that certain something that makes you want to hear her music again and again without getting bored.She has lost none of her talent.
well I`m struggling to find things to write so I will say au revoir for now....

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