Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lazy Blogger

Seeing as its such a while since I posted anything remotely interesting , thought I`d `blog on` and post something.
So today Ladies and Gents I`m going to Tell you about the `coffin in the wall` - a local land mark.
High in a recess in st Johns Church Norman ruins sits a solid oaken coffin with the inscription "Dust to Dust" painted inside. The origins of this curiosity are clouded in mystery.
One tale suggests that a wicked parishioner was unable to rest in his grave and Satan heard of this and helped to place him in the wall so that he might look down in penance at the world he had `defiled with his sins`.
Another tale says that the Sexton of the cathedral John Carter came upon the coffin whilst digging in a grave in a disused part of the churchyard and had by the Rectors orders put in in the recess where it still stands so that it may be out of the way of passers by!
In Gordon Emerys book `Curious Chester` he describes another tale to add to the mystery.
"the unusual coffin in the walls of the ruins is said to have been set up by the Rev Richardson in 1813. It had been brought by canal boat from Nantwich by the Rev Massey."
The truth is that nobody really is sure where the coffin came from but it is likely to date to the latter half of the 15th century and has one element of interest in it ,that it is composed of a single block of oak.

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