Sunday, December 2, 2007

its been a while...

This is the first post on my new computer.
My Packard Bell Istart 1359 gave up the ghost with a whimper and a puff of smoke and We decided it would be easier just to buy a new computer rather than mess about trying to get the PB fixed - (we were Quoted £150.00 before labour and costs at PC world).

So I am now the proud owner of an Acer M1100.
Its an AMD Athlon 64X2 processor, 1024Mb DDR2 , 160Gb HDD , ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 Graphics , and Vista premium O/S.

I,m fighting to get to grips with Vista but its growing on me , I like the new search feature - much faster than XP but miss a lot of XP`s control - Vista constantly flashes messages at you asking "are you sure?" at every operation, its like having a teacher looking over your shoulder all the time !
The general look is very Flash - Loads of new Bells and whistles take up a large bite out of the 1Gb memory though.

I don`t know what to do with the Packard Bell - I did think of using the Hard disk in the Acer as a slave drive but it would mean breaking the Acers security seal and invalidating the warranty so I think I`ll have a go at fixing it myself - I will buy a new power supply and see if anything else was damaged when it blew up.
I suspect the PSU blew because of a build up of dust blocking the air flow around the
cooling vents, (a new PSU cost about £15 - 20).
Wish me luck...

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Arrmand said...

Hi Nick thanks for your visit to my blog and kind words, Just having a good look at your blog and some great stuff you got here, at the moment cause my connection (a virgin media dongle) it's so flipping slow I cannot look at the ufo vid, but when I move i'm promising my self the mother of all BB conecctions lol.

I have the same problem as you what to do with a spair drive, i got so much stuff on my desk PC and am in the process of getting a new computer but I hae found via maplins that you can get a Sata cable that connects to the USB ports.

Great blog N thanks :)

"Never judge a book by its movie"....