Saturday, July 28, 2012

Letter to Mysterious Universe

This letter sent to Mysterious universe 27 July 2012

Hi guys ,
my names Nick Wright and I live in Chester in the U.K.

I`ve been a Mysterious Universe listener from the beginning and have had an interest in the paranormal and forteana since childhood. I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I`ve enjoyed your podcasts and to wish you well.
I have had a couple of strange experiences that I would like to share with you.

The first one was a Ghostly Encounter on top of a local mountain not far from where I live.
Years ago when the Citizens Band radio craze first hit britain it was common practise for enthusiasts to take their cars and equipment to High vantage points in order to DX i.e. make long distance radio contact with other CB`ers .

Myself and a group of friends drove to the top of a local welsh mountain called Moel Famau .We had been talking to a contact in the USA for some time when the other CB`er finished the call and we then sat in silence waiting for another contact , I was situated in the back seat and as it was now early in the morning -maybe 4.00 am I was very tired and just sitting watching the surrounding landscape through the car window.
All of a sudden I noticed a figure walk out of the morning mist and watched him walk in front of the car. Seconds later other figures appeared in the same way and followed him past us and up the mountain path. They all seemed to be wearing long flowing robes such as druids would wear and I seem to remember the leader was carrying a long staff.

Strangely nobody in the car made any comments as this happened and as the figures dissapeared up the mountain I just relaxed and eventually nodded off to sleep.
In the morning as we were getting ready to go home one of my friends said "Hey -where do you think those people were going so early in the morning?
"What people?" answered the driver .
It subsequently transpired that although everybody had been awake, only I and another person had seen the people pass.
When the incident happened the people had walked right in front of the car - no more than 6-10 feet away from us, so not to have seen them - you would have to have had your eyes closed.. it still gives me a shiver up the spine when I remember the incident and makes me wonder what I actually saw.

The second incident involves my interest in "Astral Travel".
I have read many books on the paranormal and decided that I would have a go at inducing an experience for myself.

I followed all the accepted techniques for attaining "separation" i.e. relaxing all my muscles in turn from my toes up to my legs , up to my arms , my fingers etc then imagining myself going up in a lift.
Three nights passed and all that happened was that I fell asleep..

On the Fourth night however... I went through this procedure again , only this time I experienced all the signs of a separation! I felt a strong buzzing or ringing in my ears , felt myself rocking as if on a boat then felt myself float up out of my body. I opened my eyes and was startled to see the ceiling of my bedroom inches away from my face.I remember a feeling of shock and revelation -this stuff was real!! THEN very distinctly I felt a pair of hands take hold of both sides of my head and then very gently push me back down into my body. at that point my memory becomes hazy although I seem to remember communicating with something or someone who told me I was not ready for such an experience.

I have tried many times to repeat my experience but thus far have had no luck!

Thanks again for a great podcast!
best wishes
Nick Wright (Demotricus)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Computer no 3 (and 4)

This post is very late as I have been using the new set up for several months now.
The Main pc is a HP Pavillion Desk top , Processor is an core i3 , 4Gb RAM, Windows 7 Home premium, ITb main 1.5Tb secondary HDD + 2 external drives (500Gb and 2Tb),Samsung wide screen 29inch monitor, several USB `bells and whistles` - 4 Megapixel web cam,wireless keyboard and mouse , external desk microphone , graphics tablet and pen.
The biggest addition is the internet connection - BT Infinity plus, which is good for 88 Mb download and 19 Mb upload speeds.
Computer no 4 is a laptop - a Compaq , AMD Turion x 2 processor, 4Gb RAM, Vista Home Premium o/s.
Oh yes - and I`m still not smoking..
"Never judge a book by its movie"....