Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello there! The Scanner arrived, and a wonderful little gadget it IS. Heres a picture with its clothes (oops -I meant BACK) off :- and one with the back on. It has Hi and Lo resolution scan modes which are 600dpi and 900dpi respectively, and it outputs files to either PDF or JPG files. The PDF setting is not as useful as it sounds though as invariably a scan is saved as a single PDF `page` and its impossible to save a proper PDF `book` with several pages in. So the JPG is the better option. -There are a number of programs that will convert a sequence of jpg images into a PDF book so it is possible to scan a full book with this although its not its intended purpose. This device is an invaluable tool for students and researchers or anybody who has a need of copying and collating information from different sources. Certainly it will save you money if you are used to paying a library for facsimiles of book pages and is an ideal size for transporting to and from librarys, schools etc. Here are a couple of scans made with it :- [IM Well, since my last post I have been having more than a few problems with the dreaded windows 8 Pro again. As you know, - I use Bitlocker - or did... Edit:- Now reverted to truecrypt again. about a week ago I had cause to reboot the computer to upload some microsoft updates. Something `happened` and I was unable to reboot properly. I was confronted with the default bitlocker `enter unlocking key" screen. Now I`m a careful chap and keep CD copys,USB stick copys and written copys of my keys, and they are also stored on microsofts servers along with your identity details. So I entered the key. It ACCEPTED the key, and promptly Rebooted..... into the "Enter Key" screen again. and no matter WHAT I did, - I could not get into windows or repair windows , even with the original install disks or the restore or repair disks that I made when I first installed it. I eventually had to format the drive and install a clean copy of Windows 8 again.THEN upgrade it to windows Pro, THEN upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro Media Edition. Blah, Blah, Blah. So I`ve installed everything, and Re-installed all my desktop apps, and all my Metro Apps, and my passwords etc, etc -(you get the picture.) ALL DONE! - or so I thought... After about three days of use, -ALL my Metro Apps stop opening. This time thinks I, I`ll fix it rather than re-installing (which is of course a pain in the arse). No such luck. I posted a question on the microsoft forum. The moderator deleted it. No reason, No message, No E-mail -just gone. So I posted it again. Same thing, -Question deleted. Posted a third time , with the added message that I would keep posting and DOUBLING the amount of posts each time until someone at least answered me. I eventually got a response with some crap about posting twice (the two that he had deleted miraculously - re-appeared for about 10 hrs then disappeared again) __________________________________________________ Edit:- I think Microsoft KNOW about this problem and DON`T know the answer, - I`ve seen loads of posts from people describing the same thing happening but no clear answers - No wonder they`re deleting the questions if the "Answer" is to start from scratch again... __________________________________________________ Then I DID get a proper response from a DIFFERENT moderator and he actually helped me. To cut a long story short (thank god for that I hear you muttering...) I needed to do a "Refresh" which is basically another name for a clean install AGAIN. I ranted, I raged, I cut all my hair off (really -I did!)but then settled down and got to thinking. "How do I use this to my advantage", -I thought. Well. I bought and installed an SSD. Its an OCZ "Agility 3" 120GB SSD , 6GB/s transfer rate and is a 2.5" device. -Very small , Very powerful. I have re-installed windows 8 to it by simply swapping the SATA leads over in the PC and doing a clean install onto it. Luckily I did have a little forethought when I did the previous install, and rather than restoring all my data to the set librarys in windows. I made use of the excellent Livedrive restore client to download my backed-up data to two USB drives separate from the main C drive (partly because I suspected that the disk might have been the cause of the failures. So my installation went like butter and I was up and running with all my data within 3/4 of an hour. All I had to install was the Operating system and my Flying Simulators , which will benefit from the fast speed of the SSD. The computer is now running like a new beast entirely. My Index score is now only being held back by the lack of a proper graphics card. its 3.5 but everything else is around 7-7.5 on the index. The Size IS a little small and a larger one would have been a lot better but as long as I only put my essential programs or programs that will benefit from its speed onto it , it should be enough for now. (The price was a factor in my choice). Stuff now loads in a finger click rather than a protracted yawn. Its not perfect - not by a mile but its loads better and I urge you if you can afford it and you have the opportunity to, - to install one because the difference it makes is astonishing. Now all I need is for my long awaited touchscreen to arrive and a new graphics card, and I will be packing one kick-ass computer! __________________________________________________ Edit:- Also, arranging things so just the windows system is on the SSD and my data is on USB drives means any further installs will be very, very quick. __________________________________________________ for a footnote I`ll post something I had but did not realise... -I`ll elaborate. In the First posts in this thread I mentioned using Tonido and Deluge. -Well it occurred to me that I could set up a shared Tonido link as the monitored folder for automatic torrent input. In practice this means that wherever I am - if I have a web link i.e. my smartphone, - I can `share` or post a torrent metafile into this directory remotely and it will automatically load into the torrent client and download, then begin seeding. -Then as long as I have set up the seeding folder in Deluges settings as another shared tonido folder, then I can retrieve the downloaded file in the same way (by FTP). - I`ll have the file without having to have a client in the portable device and it stays seeding in my `proper` client. (YES I know thats what a seedbox does - but this is FREE -as is the software). I remember posting this idea in the first post here - and the answer was already on my PC! -You live and learn... See you next post, Demotricus (Tiberius, captain...){{Berk...}}

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