Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Special Post!! The Long Awaited Monitor has arrived!!! I spoke with the supplier (metaphorically) via E-mail on sunday and he dropped the bombshell news (for me) that my monitor would be arriving the next day, Monday. -I was not expecting it until the 31st March onwards as an advert addenda had been fixed to the original advert on the companys website. When it arrived I unpacked it and found all the necessary leads within -(theres just something about the `new` smell of virgin equipment..) I made space amid the clutter and hooked it up. The display is in a word - STUNNING. - To test the unit I loaded a few 4K HD Files from youtube amd Vimeo - if you enter "4k" in the search field in youtube you`ll see the type of clip I mean. - you have to make the clip full screen and then change the resolution settings (the `cog`) to "Original". The viewing Aspect is basically "If you can see the screen, you can see the image". (which is pretty good:-) The base resolution is 1920 x 1080 which is Full HD (1080), Films look very good on it. The touchscreen functions work via a USB link or a dedicated video link lead. - I chose the USB lead , which also activates the built in 4 way (powered) USB Hub. There are also inputs for HDMI , Ethernet (not sure what thats used for , someone told me it has something to do with the Bios), a microphone input and sound/headphone output. I found setting up the drivers and client software to be straightforward and easy. When I First switched on the configured and connected unit I tested the touchscreen. The Latency is FAST , immediate response and as good as , if not better than your average smartphone. -I have to say that after receiving this unit and playing with the Windows 8 Metro Apps - I finally "get" the Windows 8 Operating system. It transforms from a weird microsoft experiment into something I can see myself using every day. My computer is a little underpowered where graphics are concerned because I use the on board Intel graphics instead of a dedicated card. My Experience index is 3.5 because of the on board graphics. - Your score is calculated by the lowest mark in several categorys - graphics , processor, memory etc, -3.5 is pretty low but would be boosted to an pretty good score of 7 or above if I were to upgrade, because my next score up for my machine is 7. (The SSD makes a big difference),- For comparison, my windows 7 machine has a score of 6 and my Vista laptop is 5. Well, I won`t witter on about how good this is , I `ll just post these pics and you can see for yourself!!

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