Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Hiya Peeps! Was going to post about my Brand spanking New Graphics card today but unfortunately it has turned out to be faulty, (or at least I THINK its faulty - there is NO output from the HDMI or VGA ports). _I thought maybe it was not getting enough power from the (rather small) 250W PSU in my second computer - the HP P6 Pavillion, so I have ordered and installed a new 500W PSU.-The Graphics card has gone back for replacement, (its a Palit 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 630 :- ). The Installation of the new PSU went Butter smooth and was simply a case of unscrewing the 4 mounting screws, and lifting the PSU out of the PC , then, one by one , unplugging each cable in turn and plugging in the new PSU cable. The only thing that was slightly different was the main motherboard connector - the existing HP connector is a 24 pin fitting whereas the new PSU has a 20 pin AND a 4 pin connector which sit side by side in the 24 pin socket, - they will only plug in one way so theres no way you can get mixed up, and if you are unsure - its easy to just note the wire colours on the existing connector and to match them. In the absence of the graphics card I thought I`d tell you about my plans for a screen switching unit I`ve spotted and ordered. Whilst waiting for my new screen (which is working brilliantly by the way) I administered and used the second PC by remote screen, -using one screen for both in effect. I found this to be quite a good solution and set me to thinking about exactly how I would configure my screens when I received the new one. - I did consider keeping the remote administration and using both the new screen and the existing 21" screen on the new PC. Well, -I`ve spotted and ordered a VGA screen switching unit on Amazon, its very cheap (£7) so I`ve sent for it along with two VGA cables. & I intend to connect like this:- (EXTREMELY Artistic picture drawn on new touchscreen :-) ) This will give me the option of using the Windows 8 PC with my new screen via the HDMI lead, and EITHER the Pavillion PC on the second VGA screen OR the Windows 8 PC on the VGA screen as well (as a second screen). (The switch unit will switch the VGA monitor between the Windows 7 system and the Windows 8 second screen). ...........................................................................................................................................STOP PRESS!! The unit arrived as I typed.... .......................................................So now I`m just waiting for the VGA cable to be delivered and It will be all systems GO! :-D I`m fast approaching (famous last words...) what I think will be my Final configuration/setup of all my stuff. "Everything has a place and theres a place for everything" as the saying goes. I now have 3 screens in front of me and I can choose to use Windows Vista ,7 or 8 with 1 or two screen configuration on the windows 8 machine. I have TV accessable on 2 of the PCs both will display/record off 2 channels at once (no more missed programs). I have web access on all PCs and the Android devices and I can control all of them remotely via the web too, or access files on any PC via the web. The sound from all three is linked together and sent to my main speakers/subwoofer. Also linked to the audio are my two android phones and an Android 10" Tablet, also an ipod and a shortwave radio. -(Having the Samsung Note GT7000 connected has the great advantage of being able to use the excellent Dolby 5.1 Function when playing music - it will play MP3,M4P,APE and FLAC lossless codecs and sounds VERY good). I can control one of the PCs via voice control (Dragonspeak)and have a rudimentary voice control (the base windows version)on the other two PCs (All the androids already have voice control built in), and have touchscreen control on four of the six screens (the Windows 8 PC, the Android Tablet and the two Android phones). What can I say? - I just like connecting devices together and seeing how they work together lol!. Latest Gadget purchases:- the Graphics card (watch this space), three separate Phone/Tablet stands, a pen/stylus/torch/laser pointer/extendible magnetic picker-upper,& an HD webcam & a game - Crysis - Maximum Edition. On order and awaiting delivery:- an HDTV dongle,a Smartphone to HDMI convertor/input device,a dock for the samsung,a 400 Lumen keyring torch (you can never have too many torches),several Games - Silent Hunter 4,Pacific Fighters,Dangerous Waters,& Doom BFG Edition -oh yes - and a capacitive paintbrush like stylus, for use on the new screen via an art program. Boldly going where no gadgeteer has gone before....this is demotricus Tiberius Berk signing off.... Postscript - latest "office" configuration/setup.^^^ . . . P.S. Sorry about the AWFUL Blog Layout - its all down to Googles idea of an "improved" (cough! BULLSHIT! cough) Editor (which has as one of its "improvements" - its OWN idea of correct layout and formatting.....(its SHIT isn`t it?)-----and thats in ADDITION to taking the video upload tool out - SOME IMPROVEMENT...(For the record - To whoever designed the new editor --YOU ARE AN IDIOT.).

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