Saturday, April 6, 2013

Messing About with FSX and my phone.

Well, theres an Epic FSX clip here-->-----""----- But in their infinite wisdom , Google/Blogger/Youtube have made it impossible to post video clips EASILY in these blogs anymore. What a stupendously Dumb thing to do. It used to be easy, you would just paste the URL from youtube, OR click the "film" icon and enter the youtube title.... NOT ANY MORE.... Now (because my youtube account has a different google I.D. - [a situation caused by google] I have to log OUT of blogger, Log IN to the youtube Account, Find my clip {I can`t load it without being signed in as its not a "Public" clip} , -copy/paste the "share" tag from the youtube video, -THEN Log OUT of the youtube account and Log IN to the Blogger account AGAIN,and paste the link into the post field). All this because google want to link the blogger / youtube and google ID`s (and a heap of other services too) into one ID. - Good for them , BAD for us.

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