Friday, January 30, 2015


Well what to do...

I`ve been sat here looking at this Blog and wondering just what to do with the darned thing.

This was the first Blog I started , (EIGHT years ago now) and was really nothing more than a note pad for my thoughts and purchases at the time. Its reflected my situations, what I`ve been doing for the last  few years and I posted anything that took my fancy here. There`s other stuff I`ve done thats NOT here but I can`t post that,  ( to protect the innocent rofl). And stuff I won`t post  because frankly it`s nobodies business but my own.
I came to this decision.
I`m going to carry on posting any old crap here, - my thoughts, (if you see something that resonates with your dealings or talks with me it`s probably about you lol), my deeds and my interests on the internet.
So there.

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